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WARNING! This is only for you if:

Distractions keep screwing-up your ability to focus and get things done!


You're sick and tired of being victimized by complicated and confusing - when what you're looking for are simple solutions!


You're willing to invest a small part of your time to learn how to make better use of critical skills that will make or break your ability to achieve your dreams!


There's a big gap between where you are in your life and where you want to be! (Especially
if it feels like the gap's not closing fast enough for you, or is getting bigger, every day!)


You're willing to make a few simple, painless, powerful changes in your daily routine to help yourself get better results!

If ANY of these items applies to you, you're in the right place.

and it gets even better, especially if...


I really believe you can do just that, starting today.
(Of course what really matters is that you believe you can!)

Hello! My name is Steve Bright...
and you probably don't know me from the "man in the moon".

But I do know one thing about you.
You don't want me to waste your time on something you don't care about.
I promise I won't. In fact...

I believe there's a great chance, if you're reading these words right now, I can help you!

In a few minutes, I'm going to "pull back the curtain" on a program
that I believe can change your life forever, starting today.

I've spent my entire career helping people with "too much to do"
figure out how to get more done, of what matters, in less time.

I kept jumping into situations where I had no other options!

As a no-nonsense financial & systems "troubleshooter" and "turn-around"
specialist, I've used my ideas, tools, and strategies to get it done in the
high stakes world of companies in serious financial trouble.

With the livelihoods of business owners, managers and employees at risk.

Full disclosure: I do not have a "perfect record". If I had to do it all over again, there's a lot
I would do differently. The good news: those things formed part of this program! And...

Fortunately, I've had a great deal of success. And my fair share of "non-fatal" mistakes to learn from. I have the remarkable benefit of the lessons learned (as well as the battle scars)
from a ton of incredible experience.

Every situation had its own unique twists and turns.
(And so did every person I worked with.)
But in every successful instance, two things stood out:

In fact, it was a little like being in the movie "Groundhog Day"! With
whatever really worked playing itself out over and over again!

# 1 - I had the opportunity to work with people who really cared about their future
and were willing to make changes. (But I've never been able to help anyone
who wasn't willing to help themselves. Even when I thought I could.)

# 2 - Every step of the way, success was achieved by using simple, time-tested
fundamentals. I've never seen a single instance where a company with lousy,
complicated systems, or the people in them who had poor work habits,
could achieve lasting, sustainable success.

And this ⬇︎ is where I was really fortunate!

Along the way, I've been fueled with a lifelong passion devoted to
the search for and the study, testing and application of
the best practices of both
personal and professional achievement.

All of my experience, and all of that passion, has led me to
these inescapable conclusions:

We have a much better chance to get what we really want if we learn
to apply the lessons from our own personal experience.
We must seek out, sort through and apply the lessons from
other people who can help us with our personal challenges.
We have to take charge of ourselves and
take charge of what we do every day!

And I'm proud to offer, for the first time, a program that can help you
create the future that you want, one today at a time, in the...


It's a brand-new, no-nonsense, video-based training and coaching program that will get you results - fast!

You Get:

Immediate access to all the lessons so you can learn at your own pace!


Lifetime access to any and all updates to the program!
You'll get them for free!
No matter how much the price goes up in the future!


Training and coaching created by someone who's been "in the trenches"
finding answers when others didn't know what questions to ask!


PDF Action & Implementation Worksheets for each lesson
to make note taking easier and implementation faster!


A program based on fundamentals that work, not a bunch of
complicated, confusing nonsense!


Special pricing for taking action now!
(Before the price increases!)


I'll take the risk! You get a 60-Day,
no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

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100% 60 Day Money BackRisk-Free Guarantee

Here's an overview of what you get in the program...

Learn the best ways to get the most value from each lesson
so you can start building momentum - immediately!

How to create your personal TCOYT agenda, (it's better than a to-do list),
so you can get and stay on top of every today!

...and much more!

Learn how to get quickly and confidently "into your productive zone",
insulated from distractions and able to focus on what matters to you!

Discover how to avoid the all-too-common mistakes of people who kill
their chances for success because they confuse busy with productive!

...and much more!

How to leverage the "hidden power" of your reasons to magnify the
impact of your TCOYT skills!

Why you always need to be aware of two different reasons in order
to achieve at a higher level!
(Most people never figure this out - but you will!)

...and much more!

Learn how to slow down your brain while you speed up
your creativity and your results!

How learning to "think on paper" is one of the most effective ways
to maximize your productive output while saving time!

...and much more!

How to ask the right questions to create results like you
were functioning on auto-pilot!

Discover the "Two-Minute-Matrix" creativity process. Use this and you'll
develop the skill to transform complicated into simple!

...and much more!

How to more effectively battle both external and internal distractions!

Create a TCOYT "barrier" between productivity and distraction!

...and much more!

Discover what belongs and what doesn't belong on your TCOYT agenda!
(Be careful not to mix up your have-to-dos with your want-to-dos)

Learn better strategies for handling "surprises" and other interruptions!

...and much more!

A checklist tool for setting goals that are more effective
than "S-M-A-R-T" goals!

Learn what goals need to be on your TCOYT agenda - every today!

...and much more!

Discover the three different types of TCOYT "scorecards" you
can use to measure your progress every day!

Think about this for a minute: Would you know who was winning the Super
Bowl if they didn't keep score? What about the high stakes game of your life?

...and much more!

Warning! This program contains no "magic pills"!
(But this could be about as close as it gets!)

By investing a few minutes a day, you could get the most eye-opening experience
of your life! And eliminate any doubt about where your big
opportunities are!

...and much more!

100% 60-Day Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t believe you’ve received tremendous value from this program, let me know and I’ll personally process your refund right away!

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